Jun 21, 2021
Tariq Durrani's guest
Global Grant Application

Tariq's guest will discuss the Global Grant Application for a project in Karachi, Pakistan. The main objectives of the project, and who will benefit from it? To identify and treat malnourished and anemic women during pregnancy and lactation, by dispensing freeReady to use Supplementary Food. Pregnant and Lactating mothers will receive approximately 800 Kcal/day andaround 16-21 gram of protein in a day in the form of ready-to-use supplement.Eligibility will be based on anthropometry by taking Mid Upper Arm Circumference, women having MUAC lessthan 23 cm will be considered malnourished, as per current standard of care.

Location is a coastal area of Karachi, which are Ibrahim Hyderi Goth, Ali Akbar Shah, Bhains Colony and RehriGoth. ( population of 350k)