Today,  Floyd Ruskin gave our club a passionate and informative talk on his initiatives to support the Environment.
Floyd Ruskin is a principal member of the conservation and stewardship group: Don't Mess With the Don.
Starting as a volunteer with the Task Force to Bring Back the Don in 1991, he has been passionate about protection, restoration and revitalization efforts in the Don Valley for 30 years, as a proud tree hugger and visual storyteller, Floyd has been a featured walk leader for Lost Rivers, Todmorden HIstorical Society, Toronto Field Naturalists, City of Toronto, TDSB and Evergreen. Among other responsibilities, today Floyd leads DMWTD advocacy to have Metrolinx relocate their planned GO train service and storage facility to a more suitable and less environmentally destructive location out of restored, accessible ravine parkland.Married and a long time resident of Riverdale, Floyd views the Don Valley as a unique natural heritage resource to protect for future generations.
His talk is a great inspiration for our club's initiatives to help the environment.
Thank you Floyd for your time today!