About Our Club

DG Mark Chipman visited our electronic recycling event in 2020 with the bin almost full! 
Our first Big Screen Drive-In Movie event. We have the gang setting up with our goody bags. (Shelley, Bob, Deb, Liz, Paige)
One of our first in-person meetings at June Rowlands Park in 2021. We funded the Little Green Shed project as a part of getting the community involved in supporting mental health at the park. 
First in-person meeting in 2021
Rowlands Park Meeting
Our first Bottle Drive in 2021 - Marisa and her helper, Shelley, Paige and Karen
Leaside Rotary does the Leaside Pub for our monthly social 
Our monthly club social at Amsterdam Brewery was quite a turnout with all these lovely smiling faces
All smiles at the cluster meeting with DG Iosif Ciosa, and presidents of Leaside Rotary, Paige & Liz.